Spray Foam Roofing

Mach Contracting's SPF Roofing Systems employ super-dense, monolithic closed cell polyurethane which bonds directly to the roof substrate (regardless shape or slope) to become a structural roof component. Subsequent to application, the foam treated with an anti-UV elastomeric silicone or acrylic top-coat.

Dimensional Stability

0.00 - 0.01 % linear change (@ 70°C over 28 days)

Compressive Strength

53.7 psi

R-Value @ 1"


Nominal Density

2.7 - 3.4 lb/ft^3


A Roof that Lasts a Lifetime

While generally more expensive than the ubiquitous TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roof, SPF roofing has seen a surge in popularity within commercial and industrial flat roof designs for its staggering life-time performance value. SPF roofing is indefinitely sustainable via periodic flashing and touch ups, its light weight means far less duress on the roof trusses, and dramatically improves energy efficiency of the building envelope. At Mach Contracting, we guarantee our SPF roofs for 25 years, including annual checkups and 5 year period re-coatings.


Foam Qualities & Coating Specs

All roofing foams are two-component, closed-cell, polyurethane systems specifically designed to provide a high performance, light weight roofing system for use over a wide variety of roof deck construction and configurations. With relatively similar yield to lower-density ccSPF formulations, roof foam expands generously to fill gaps and seams and produce a total waterproof barrier. The high-than-average cell density makes for remarkably tough compressive durability, enabling the foam to sustain the constant weight of roof-top machinery and heavy foot traffic. Combing excellent compressive, tensile strength and impact absorbency makes an SPF Roof (counterintuitively) the better choice versus hail and debris impact compared to tar or TPO roofing. Since polyurethane can subtly degrade over time when faced with direct UV exposure, all of our SPF roofing systems are treated with 15-25mil of silicone or acrylic polymer.

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