Exterior Foam Systems

Exterior Foam Insulation Systems (EFIS) are a lower cost alternative to other 2-in-1 envelope systems, such as Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). Ideally suited to institutional-scale facilities, our EFIS consists of Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) block wall construction completely encased by a medium-density ccSPF along the exterior wall face.

Expected Insulation Lifespan

~75(+) years

Water Permeability

0.42 (under E96, Method A)

Air Permeance

<0.001 (under ASTM E2178)

Assembly R-Value

15.11 - 21.61


Application Scenarios

Our medium-density exterior-applied closed cell foams are ideally suited to CMU, standard 8" block, cast-in-place concrete, or bituminous block wall assemblies. EFIS capitalizes on the strength of mineral-based wall systems and augments them with enhanced thermal performance and an auxiliary weather-proof barrier (completely circumventing the need for other damp-proofing solutions). By virtue of its water and thermal resistance, this also serves as an excellent solution for below-grade damp-proofing and basement insulation.



While polyols continue to decline in cost and improve in performance, energy prices have slowly marched upward. As institutional decision makers -commercial and residential owners alike -grapple with constrained budgets, Exterior Foam Insulation Systems offer an immediate solution to dramatically reduce facility energy costs... and to extend the lifespan of our most critical civil structures by decades.

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