Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam is a two component polyol formulation that uses HFO blowing agents to yield a foam composed of tight, dense cells of trapped CO2. As a result, ccSPF is a complete air and water resistive barrier that additionally provides some of the best thermal resistance of any insulating material.

Core Density

1.8 - 3.0 pcf (under ASTM D1622)

Flame Spread Index

<25 (under ASTEM E84)

Water Permeability

0.38 - 0.44 (under E96, Method A)

R-Value @ 1"

6.52 - 7 (under ASTM C518)


Common Use Cases

Resulting from its across-the-board premium performance, ccSPF carries the most diversified set of use case scenarios, as well as a higher marginal cost compared to ocSPF. In residential and commercial construction applications, ccSPF is most commonly used as an exterior wall insulator, damp-proofer and under-slab insulator + stabilizer. For industrial use, it can be implemented on virtually any equipment or infrastructure where a form-factor insulator or structural adhesive is required (such as bulldozer roller-frame guards, coolant tank sheathing, or bridge/overpass frame stabilization).


Material Specs & Characteristics

Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (ccSPF), like all high-pressure SPF applications, uses a 1:1 mixture of isocyante (the primary bonding agent for urethane linkage) and proprietary polyol resins that combine at high pressure and temperature to form a rigid, dense material that adheres and forms almost perfectly to a variety of substrates (wood, metal, concrete, etc.). Tightly enclosed air bubbles make it difficult for heat to conduct through the material, while the laminated surface layer is functionally waterproof and completely air-tight. The rigidity and weather resistiveness of ccSPF compared to Open Cell make it an ideal candidate for wall cavity insulation or exterior roofing systems where the building will benefit from both added shear strength and water-tightness in addition to thermal insulation.

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